Nicky Butt: Players should be excited about massive double-header

Manchester United academy chief Nicky Butt is confident there won’t be any lack of motivation from senior players in the coming days.

Butt hopes United’s first-team squad will be charged up for the double header against Liverpool and Sunday’s opponents Manchester City.

“They’re two games I used to look at as a player,” Butt told 

“I certainly used to look at them when I was on holiday and the fixtures used to come out for the league. They are the ones I look forward to and they’re two massive games at a massive time of the season.

“Let’s see what that brings. The first one against Liverpool is going to be a tough task, they have two goals on us, but its home advantage and I feel, at Old Trafford, with a night game, we’re just waiting for that magic to happen and it can at any time.”

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