Memphis Depay rubbishes claims being out of shape

Manchester United attacker Memphis Depay has rubbished claims he’s out of shape.

Speaking with AD, the 21-year-old also touched upon his physique after revealing some time ago he has gained 11 pounds since the last World Cup.

“My body-fat percentage is as low as ever,” he said.

“It’s pure muscle. And that’s not because I’m pumping myself up at the gym, I never do that.”

“During the first few months, I felt slightly slower when playing but now, and I put a lot of effort in training [on] my starting speed, I feel I’m improving. Getting better and better.”

“Actually, in all perspectives, I’m way ahead of where I was three or four months ago.”

“The only thing is now I have to show it on the pitch. Scoring goals and assisting my team-mates. I have to think less about the moves I make.”

“It feels more natural. The goal against Watford, but also the game against Club Brugge, I just know: there are many more to come. Mark my words. Don’t worry.”

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