Jose Mourinho has swipe at Ronaldo: He wasn't helping anyone!

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has taken a swipe at Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo over his role in Portugal’s Euros triumph.

Mourinho was critical of Ronaldo’s attitude during the final minutes of the Euro 2016 final between Portugal and France in which the forward, who had retired from the game early on with a knee injury, was seen manically gesticulating to his team mates.

“Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t help in any way by doing that in the final few minutes of the Euros final. There were 11 players on the pitch doing their job, and the person in charge of directing them was the coach.”

“I saw it as an overload of emotion from someone who saw that the team was just minutes away from achieving an objective which everyone wanted,” said Mourinho.

“He lost a little emotional control – not that that’s a bad thing. But what my experience tells me is that it is in these moments, when important decisions might need to be made, that the players are lost in their own little worlds.”

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