Jose Mourinho: I like these guys. The spirit is phenomenal

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho admits he’s delighted with the spirit of his current squad.

Mourinho feels it is the bond ­developed with the likes of captain Michael Carrick, Paul Pogba and Marcus ­Rashford that is driving the Portuguese towards fresh glory in his career.

“I like the guys,” he said, speaking during a break from United’s ­pre-season tour here in the United States.

“We’re not the best squad in the world and don’t have the best players in the world or, if we do, then we have some – not eight, nine or 10, like some other big clubs. But I like them all. I like to work with them, I like to live with them and I like them. That’s something during your career that doesn’t ­happen every season.

“It’s difficult to like players the way I like these guys. In teams, there are always guys you like a lot and others you don’t enjoy so much. You don’t like their personality.

“But these guys are phenomenal, to live with them is phenomenal. They are big friends and good guys.

“I have, to be honest, what makes me feel like these are my ­players.”

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