Jose Mourinho: Players decided our winning first-half tactics

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho revealed it was the players who came up with their first-half tactics for victory over Liverpool.

United won 2-1 thanks to a brace from Marcus Rashford.

For long spells in the first half United profited from attacking the right-side of Liverpool’s defence where Lovren and young full-back Trent Alexander-Arnold had a difficult afternoon and, while Mourinho said that was not their primary tactic, they did use Romelu Lukaku’s physicality.

“We gave options to the players. I am not the kind of mechanic coach that says A pass to B, B to C, C to D. We have different options,” he said.

“We have also the possibility of the long ball to McTominay and to play against (Andrew) Robertson in the air. Lukaku was confident from experience that could be dominant towards Lovren.”

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