​Jose Mourinho should start planning next season – Gary Neville

Gary Neville believes that it is already time for Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho to start planning for next season.

The former United legend and Sky Sports pundit says that Mourinho has much work to do if he is going to turn that team into one capable of winning the league.

United suffered a brutal 1-0 defeat away at Newcastle, which puts their chances of finishing in the top four under some risk.

“Next season will be Jose’s third season and you would think in his mind, and in everyone’s minds, that he has to win it next season,” Neville told Sky Sports.

“They have to start preparing now, and days like today do damage confidence and take away the work you are trying to do.

“They still have these moments where they let games drift. They missed chances. They are sloppy in the final third so many times and they have to improve that. They have to become killers in the final third and they are not at the moment.

“The individual talent is there but to coordinate that into a team is Jose Mourinho’s job in the next few months. He has to make them into a team.”

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