Jose Mourinho takes fresh aim at Neville: He wanted Rashford sent off!

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho blasted Gary Neville after victory over Liverpool.

Mourinho says Neville was demanding Marcus Rashford be sent off while calling the game.

Mourinho claimed he feared Neville had influenced ref Craig Pawson by insisting Rashford should have been sent off for a first-half tackle on James Milner.

The Special One admitted: “At half-time someone told me Gary Neville was asking for Marcus to get a red card.

“I was scared — because I thought the referee was watching and would be influenced by Gary.”

Rashford received a yellow card for the Milner clash. Mourinho, who subbed his two-goal star after 70 minutes, added: “Where Liverpool brought a lot of players to the central area of the pitch, Marcus was defending the corridor.

“With the yellow card and the pressure of Gary, I decided to make a change — and bring on a player on who could still make a foul.”

It followed Mourinho’s blast at the ex-United and England full-back last week for flopping as a manager at Valencia.

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