Louis Van Gaal denies personal security claims

Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal has rubbished claims he’s had to hire personal security as pressure mounts at the club.

Van Gaal was also quick to dismiss reports that he had been forced to bring in extra security as tensions mounted, with fans disillusioned with the Dutchman’s managerial style – especially during a disastrous December.

But the United boss believes the faithful had every right to vent their anger in the stands.

He said: “I think the criticism is logical when you lose four matches in a row. I had never done that as a manager – never.”

“Then it is logical that people are doubting.”

“Now the belief has to be bigger and that’s always difficult for fans.”

“I only criticised the media because they invented stories. One paper has written that I have hired security for my wife.”

“I never hired security – never, never.”

“I am walking the streets without security and all the people in the streets are very positive. I can’t complain but I have to answer questions.”

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