Louis Van Gaal: This is why I won’t go to touchline…

Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal has defended his absence from the touchline.

Van Gaal has baffled fans with his insistence on staying seated throughout games. But he says a moment early in his career changed his approach.

“I did a high tackle in the air because I showed the assistant referee what the player on the pitch [Marcel Desailly] had done to Jari Litmanen,” recalled LVG.

“It was a penalty in my opinion, but the referee did not whistle! I think the referee [Ion Craciunescu] still remembers my name and what I did.

“You cannot influence from the line. I don’t think the referees in England are influenced by the managers or the fans.”

“I think it [not being in the technical area] is also to control your passion.”

“I know that a lot of fans like a manager who is showing that, but the effect is more important than showing that.”

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