Louis Van Gaal unconcerned over Guardiola decision to work in Premier League

Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal is relaxed over Pep Guardiola’s decision to work in the Premier League.
Manchester City are the favourites to appoint Guardiola, but United have also been mentioned as a possible destination for the former Barcelona boss.

“He wants to sniff the culture of England, the Premier League and I wanted that also, I think it’s very good that he does that and I don’t think it will interfere in his club now,” said the Dutchman.

“I think every manager has the right to announce that [he is leaving] because it is not for sure that he shall be manager next year of a Premier League club. The Premier League club is also the partner of a contract.

“I am at the end of my career so for me it is not so interesting.”

“It is interesting how I take care of Manchester United in my contract and I still have one year to go after this season.”

Van Gaal has no problem with Guardiola announcing his departure from Bayern before the end of the season as he declared he wanted to come to the Premier League when he was still Netherlands coach in 2014.

“I have said that two years ago also so it’s not so strange,” he said.

“You have to set always your goals. As a manager also, I think.”

“Some people are looking a little strange to that fact but I think that’s good because also managers have ambition and Pep Guardiola has that ambition too.”

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