Manchester United fullback Guillermo Varela: I’m feeling enormous pride

Manchester United fullback Guillermo Varela is delighted with his run of games.

The Uruguayan has been in fine form at full-back and played his part in four successive victories over Shrewsbury Town, Midtjylland, Arsenal and Watford. 

With a trip to West Brom next on the agenda, the 22-year-old is determined to keep the good run going.

“I think the last four games have really shown the changes that have come about within the team in the last couple of months,” Varela told MUTV. 

“It’s clear that we’ve got every intention of finishing the season on an upward curve.”

“Of course, I’m very happy with a run of four matches in the side and four victories as well.” 

“I feel enormous pride in being able to play for a club like Manchester United. I think the important thing is that we keep working, and I want to keep working to keep a regular place in the team so that, in time, I can reach 50, 100 or 200 games in the shirt.”

Varela has been taken aback by the reception his performances have received on social media and is coming to terms with the enormity of the club.

“I can say that it’s only recently I realised how the love you get on social media has such an effect,” he said. 

“I’m so popular with the fans but I also want to talk about the effect it has on me.”

“It’s only when you realise the scale of it [that you can appreciate it], and I want to say thanks to all of those people who are supporting me, it helps to drive me forward and motivates me to produce my best on the pitch.”

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