Man Utd fullback Shaw thrilled to be playing again

Manchester United fullback Luke Shaw is delighted to be playing again.

Speaking at a press conference in Shanghai on Thursday, on the eve of United’s pre-season friendly against Borussia Dortmund, Shaw explained how it felt to play again following his lengthy absence.

“It is the best feeling ever,” Shaw told reporters in China with a smile on his face. “When I had my first game on Saturday against Wigan, I felt so emotional.”

“The way the crowd were with me, the cheers when I first had my first touch… you know that meant a lot to me. Obviously my family were there to see it and like I said it was the best feeling.”

Asked if he ever feared he might not play again, Shaw admitted: “When I first did it the first thoughts that went through my head were ‘am I going to play football again’ and ‘how long am I going to be out for’.”

“I wasn’t thinking too much of the pain because I can deal with that at that point but yes there was a fear of how long it was going to take or even if I was going to get back playing football.”

“Obviously as I was going through it [the rehabilitation process] I knew I was coming back.”

“I think now I’m just looking past it, I’m not going to look back, I’m just going to look forward now and obviously my leg feels great and you know I just want to push on in this pre-season and get fully fit.”

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