Manchester United have lost their quality – Stoke forward Odemwingie

Stoke City attacker Peter Odemwingie has stated that Manchester United’s quality has dropped off in recent years.

United’s problems have been well documented this season and it seems like opposition teams no longer fear the once dominant force of English football.

Odemwingie is also not convinced by United and believes that they are suffering due to a drastic loss of quality.

Ahead of Tuesday’s Premier League clash between the sides, Odemwingie said: “There was a lot more quality there, they had real leaders on the team, they expected more quality-wise. Now they’ve lost that.”

“Many teams go through that.”

“When you lose a generation of players it’s hard to then get a new set that will produce the same way. I think the process they are going through is rebuilding.”

“They are not the club they were – they don’t have the names, the quality they used to have.”

“They look more shy than usual. They don’t take as much risk as we know them to do so people take advantage of that and go for it when they play against them now.”

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