Bryan Robson seeks to recover £375,000 in lost investments

Manchester United legend Bryan Robson is taking legal action to recover £375,000 in lost investments.

The Mail says Robson and Viv Anderson, the former Arsenal and United defender, ex-Barnsley manager Danny Wilson and Tottenham Hotspur scout Mick Brown are among a number of football figures pursuing more than £3million from Walker Crips, one of the City of London’s oldest investment companies.

Robson’s dispute centres on a venture he understood to involve the Hilton Hotels chain called Canadian Resort Asset LLP.

However, the 59-year-old subsequently discovered his investment has no value and that no review had been offered to address issues with the investment or inform him of any problems.

Walker Crips deny any impropriety, though they have already settled in a similar case brought by former Wimbledon striker Mick Harford following intervention from the Financial Ombudsman.

They have also declined Robson’s invitation to mediate.

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