Man Utd legend Cole tribute to Solskjaer 20 years after his arrival

Manchester United legend Andy Cole has paid tribute to former teammate Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

It was 20 years ago on Friday that Solskjaer joined United from Molde.

Cole played with Solskjaer for six seasons and said some very good words about his old teammate.

“Ole is a lovely guy and, whenever I’m asked about him, I’ve never had a bad word to say.” He said. 

“He came into the football club and we didn’t know who he was but, by the time he left, everyone in football knew him.

 He did a super job and I thoroughly enjoyed playing with him when I had the opportunity. He certainly spurred me on, whether he was in the team or out of the team. He didn’t have a malicious bone in his body and that’s why I liked him even more.

“I look at him now and see he can manage as well, which is odd because he was possibly the quietest man in the football club! But he is a lovely guy and what a 20 years it has been for him. He still doesn’t look old enough to celebrate a 20-year anniversary, but I wish him all the best.”

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