Gary Neville defends Paul Pogba: He’s still improving

Manchester United legend Gary Neville insists Paul Pogba is “still improving” after defeat at Newcastle United.

Jonjo Shelvey played Pogba off the park on the day.

But Neville told Sky Sports: “You still think and hope that he would be developing at that age and still getting better.

“He does need to add maturity to his game, he has that feeling of always wanting to be on the ball.

“The kid in the playground who when you’re defending he’s always looking to get free so that when you do pick the ball up he’s always the free man.

“He is playing in a two and I saw this with Chelsea with Jose playing Cesc Fabregas alongside Matic if you remember a couple of years ago and you wondered if it was typical of Jose.

“Jose gets called out a lot for not being attacking enough but actually with the way he’s played this season, with Pogba in a two, it actually has been very attacking.

“It does leave spaces, you think of the Tottenham game, the Arsenal game away where that’s happened.”

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