Bryan Robson reminds current team of spirit of Barcelona ’84

Manchester United legend Bryan Robson has urged the current team not to give up against Europa League opponents Liverpool.

United host Liverpool needing to overturn a 2-0 deficit.

Robson reckons if United win it would be their biggest ever win over the Reds and be up there with when he inspired his side to a famous comeback triumph over Barcelona in the European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1984.

The former England captain scored twice that night in a 3-0 win over a Barca side including the great Diego Maradona – and Robson has revealed United were so pumped up they were accused of being on drugs.

He said: “We did it against Barcelona, so it shows it is doable. Everything has got to go right for you.

“For me that was the best atmosphere inside of Old Trafford that I’ve witnessed. It was a great night to come back against a top team like Barcelona and beat them 3-0.

“One of the things that always amused me on that night was that I got a phone call from Trevor Francis, who was playing for Sampdoria.

“They were playing in Europe the next night. They were all in a hotel watching our game and Trevor said he had to phone me because every single player had said ‘you lot are on drugs’!

“The records show that when a team takes a 2-0 lead into a game, whether it’s away from home or not, it’s very difficult to pull that back.

“The fans have always got a part to play. If they get right behind the team, players respond to that. Big players love a great atmosphere, especially on your home soil. If you get that atmosphere going and we get an early goal, then it can be done.”

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