Man Utd legend Robson understands why former players want TV over coaching

Bryan Robson does not blame retired footballers for turning their hand to punditry rather than management.

While there are some promising young managers in the top few tiers of English football at present, the majority of those who hang up their boots are opting for TV work rather than coaching.

Manchester United great Robson is well aware that there is better money and less stress associated with commentary positions and can see why ex-players are bypassing coaching careers for a pathway into the media caper.

“I don’t blame anyone for being a pundit rather than putting themselves through the strain of trying to be a top manager,” he said.

“As I know, a career with Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson, 90 caps and being England captain 65 times only takes you so far!

“I can understand why so many big names are going into TV or the radio because they can earn decent money after retiring.

“More importantly, there is no hassle and no real strain.

“You get to see your family, you can enjoy yourself a little and you are still involved in the game to a degree.

“For, as I know only too well, being a manager is 24-7 for 50 weeks a year.”

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