Peter Schmeichel brands Jose Mourinho’s tactics boring

Manchester United legend Peter Schmeichel is finding Jose Mourinho’s tactics “boring”.

Mourinho has been widely criticised for installing defensive tactics in Saturday’s 0-0 draw with Liverpool at Anfield, which made for a less-than thrilling spectacle for hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide.

Schmeichel told Sky Sports: “Only time will tell if Mourinho has changed enough to change his way in those games.

“I found it [the game] really boring. It might be naivety or being romantic but I think Manchester United should play to win every game, their style and brand every game and should be good enough to win every game.”

Schmeichel, however, admits Sir Alex Ferguson was also prepared to go negative to win crucial games.

“I can remember few occasion where we would change. One specific game was Liverpool in the FA Cup final, billed to be this incredible final, biggest ever and Sir Alex was afraid of Steve McManaman so wanted to man mark him, which was out of our way of playing.

“He brought in experienced players to discuss and said this is what I’m thinking and our reaction was we didn’t like to change. We’d rather go out there and trust in the quality of the team rather than disrupting our rhythm and risk losing.”

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