Van der Sar: Rooney unmanageable as teen

Manchester United legend Edwin van der Sar has spoken of his first time working with Wayne Rooney.

Van der Sar arrived at United in 2005, when Rooney was still a teenager, and admits the youngster was “not manageable” at that point.

“In his early days he was so raw, so talented – it was the same with (Cristiano) Ronaldo – you need to help them with that power, that energy, to channel that in the right way.

“Of course we had Ferguson to do that, but we also had Giggs, Gary Neville, Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic. Paul Scholes, too, who was not the biggest talker of course, but everybody had big respect for those guys. That’s the way we won so many things.

“Wayne of course, you have to give him the freedom to jump out of the bandwagon once in a while. At a certain point you make sure you pull him back in.”

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