Van der Sar says Wayne Rooney can match Giggs longevity

Manchester United legend Edwin van der Sar says Wayne Rooney should turn to yoga.

The Dutch goalkeeper compared Rooney to another United legend, Ryan Giggs, who used the technique to keep playing at the highest level through his 30s, but isn’t sure if it will work for England’s captain.

“Giggs started at 17 and managed to play to 40,” explained Van der Sar, speaking after an event at the Oxford Union. “And I think Ryan had a little dip around 31, 32 or something.

“He changed his lifestyle, started yoga, and managed to reinvent himself.

“Can I imagine him (Rooney) doing yoga? Oh… if the teacher’s nice!”

But the former Ajax and Juventus keeper also suggested that Rooney, who is facing a race to be fit for Euro 2016, has seen his career hampered by being rushed back from injury by England in the past.

“He started early, at 16, he’s been unlucky with a couple of injuries just before World Cups or European championships, with England.

“Because of the qualities he had he always got rushed back into the team.

“I’m sure with the quality that Wayne has and the joy that he brings as a player, I’m sure he can give many more years.”

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