Schweinsteiger: I am playing on a level comparable to 2014 World Cup

Bastian Schweinsteiger believes his form for Manchester United is as strong as it was at last year’s World Cup.

The German midfielder has been criticised for failing to impress since joining United from Bayern Munich, prompting the 2014 World Cup-winner to angrily hit back at any negativity that has come in his way in recent weeks.

Schweinsteiger told Welt am Sonntag: “Honestly, I am not impressed by the criticism that has been brought up [over] me via the media.”

“I am currently playing on a level that is comparable to that during the World Cup [in] 2014.”

“‘Old man’s football’ — that is an expression that was used back then, too. After the World Cup final those voices went silent.”

Schweinsteiger has been accused of being too slow but has played that criticism down by saying he has plenty of attributes that make up for his apparent shortcoming.

“I will never be able to compete with Usain Bolt,” Schweinsteiger added.

“But being slow or being quick on the pitch has not solely something to do with making sprints.”

“It’s also about being quick in your head. And that’s something where I am fully up to it. And physically, I am not the slowest either.”

“For me, it is important what I am being told face to face. Every one or two words will be made bigger than they actually are [in the media].”

“It was a good year for me, but not a perfect year. My performances in Manchester were really okay.”

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