Robert Lewandowski: English clubs cannot compete with Bayern Munich

Robert Lewandowski has poured cold water on suggestions he may soon be on his way to the Premier League.

The Polish striker, who has most recently been linked with Manchester United, has hinted that he will not be moving to the UK anytime soon as he believes rich clubs in England cannot compete with Bayern Munich.

27-year-old Lewandowski suggests that the German giants are so far ahead of top clubs in England which gives him no desire to leave the Bundesliga simply for a massive pay day.

“I don’t see any difference between Bayern and England’s big clubs,” said Lewandowski.

“Of course, the English clubs have plenty of money to spend — but they always had a lot of money and Bayern have always been able to compete.

“There is not a single club in England that will catch Bayern just because they have more money all of a sudden.”

Former Borussia Dortmund ace Lewandowski has scored 23 goals for Bayern this season.

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