Dwight Yorke admits Mourinho’s tactics would’ve frustrated him

Former Manchester United star Dwight Yorke has admitted Jose Mourinho’s away tactics would have annoyed him.

The Red Devils have dominated teams this season, but the Portuguese applied conservative tactics against Liverpool, one of their top six rivals, when the two met at Anfield last Saturday.

“As a striker you would probably be a little frustrated because you want to be involved in the game all the time,” said the 1999 treble winner.

“You want your team to create a lot of opportunities for you as a striker.

“That means you have to be in a more attacking mindset and I am not sure if Mourinho is that way inclined like Sir Alex Ferguson.

“But as a striker you want to be given more than just one opportunity in a game and to do that you have to be playing with an attacking mindset to create chances for someone like myself and people who would have played for Manchester United back in those days.”

Yorke added that during his time at United, Sir Alex Ferguson instilled a confidence in the players that they could beat any opponent they faced.

“Sir Alex Ferguson was a different manager, he understood the Manchester United way of playing.

“He instilled a lot of confidence in us and made us feel that we could go to the likes of Liverpool and Arsenal back in the day and overturn them, not just go there and get a draw but to to go there and win a game.

“So we were pretty confident whether we were playing at home or away. We had a winning mentality to go to the likes of Liverpool and Arsenal and certainly get a result.

“So Sir Alex Ferguson’s approach to games was a winning atiitude and a winning mentality and that’s how we approached it back then.”

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