Meulensteen: Ibrahimovic can match RVP Man Utd impact

Former Manchester United coach Rene Meulensteen has likened the Zlatan Ibrahimovic deal to the arrival of Robin van Persie.

All eyes will be on whether Ibrahimovic, 34, will be like the RVP that won the title in Fergie’s final season — or the flop under David Moyes and Louis van Gaal.

Meulensteen, 52, said: “It is like the Van Persie deal.

“Obviously, the strategy was trying to bring in young talented players with potential and build it — but with Van Persie it was a different reason. He had desire and was a winner. Sometimes the decisions are made as they fit the situation with the club.

“Robin was a proven player. If you look at Ibrahimovic, there is a slight risk as he has never played in the Premier League.

“He will find that not one of the top-four teams will go to the bottom four and pick up easy points. These are different challenges.

“How I look at it is that he has been in so many different leagues and he’s lived up to his reputation everywhere.

“And I’m sure if he does stay fit and he’s managed well, he will make a difference.”

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