Meulensteen: Manchester United USED to plan to match Real Madrid, Bayern Munich

Former Manchester United assistant coach Rene Meulensteen is staggered by the lack of quality of the current squad.

Meulensteen revealed Ferguson would always try to build a squad he thought was capable of challenging Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich ahead of every season.

But the Dutchman believes Louis van Gaal’s current group are ‘nowhere near’ that level.

He told TalkSport: “I can still remember when we were at Old Trafford at the beginning of every season.

“It was very simple with Mike Phelan, the manager and myself and we just asked ourselves this question; look at this squad, look at our best XI, is this team capable of beating Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich or whoever reaches the Champions League final?

“If we can give them a game and we have a chance of winning it, then we are good enough to win the Premier League.

“And that sums up where Manchester United are now because, quality-wise, they are nowhere near those teams.”

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