Meulensteen: Why Fergie would never have signed Zlatan 

Former Manchester United coach Rene Meulensteen says Sir Alex Ferguson would’ve rejected signing Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Meulensteen says the Scot would have feared for the impact on youngsters like Marcus Rashford, 18.

He said: “Maybe nine times out of ten he would not have made a decision like this.

“That is because of everything that Alex Ferguson wanted to do with youngsters — bring them through and improve them as players.

“But if he felt the situation was there for the one time out of ten, he would do it. Like bringing in Laurent Blanc, a player in his 30s, after Jaap Stam left.

“It’s a similar scenario.

“To be successful is about who is available right now. Then, as a manager, you are judged on the results.

“You ask ‘Is it the quality we need? Does it fit the situation?’

“In this situation he brings a bit more charisma and personality. Jose Mourinho has worked with him before and had no hesitation signing him.”

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