Mourinho accuses ‘weak and frustrated’ Manchester United legends: They want me to fail

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has accused the club’s former stars of wanting him to fail.

Mourinho has been pulled apart by several former United players in the media during this campaign.

“Some of the high-profile people in football have gone from players to weak and frustrated managers, and they return to football with the status of high-level pundits,” he said.

“People remember more of what they were as players and not of what they were as managers.

“They are voices that influence public opinion.

“There are clubs where the old legend doesn’t want the glory of the new. The old legend who thinks he’ll only continue to be one if the club isn’t, without him, what it was with him.

“United have a huge history, with a lot of legends. Fortunately, we have a ‘Sir’ who is Sir [Alex Ferguson]. He’s ‘Sir’ in everything. In behaviour, in the passion for the club.”

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