Mourinho: I can't wait to do this as Man Utd manager…

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho is excited to make his first entrance at Old Trafford as manager.

The 53-year-old cannot wait to take his first steps into the home team dugout after many matches as the visiting boss, mainly with Chelsea, against legendary United manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

Speaking of the moment he will first take charge as Manchester United boss at Old Trafford, Mourinho told Adidas Front Row: “It’s a pity that it’s not tomorrow because I’m waiting for that moment.

“I’ve had so many years in football at a high level, so obviously I am not nervous, I feel very calm and I know that I am ready for the job, but to go into the stadium as Man United manager… I’m sure that will be special.

“It’s a stadium where you have a 50-metre walk [from the tunnel to the dug-out], which is different to my previous clubs.

“In all my previous clubs the tunnel was connected with the bench; there wasn’t that space to feel good or bad feelings, because when things go well you normally feel the good feelings and when things go wrong you feel the bad feelings.

“I think the 50-metre walk will give me a few seconds where I will have the chance to feel it.”

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