Jose ​Mourinho laments offside call in Madrid loss

Jose Mourinho was left to lament the wrong offside call in his side’s 2-1 defeat to Real Madrid in UEFA Super Cup.

Casemiro scored the opening goal of the game in the 24th minute, but video replays showed that he was slightly offside before putting the ball into the net.

Following the game, Mourinho said: “I think we did well. We lost 2-1 which, I think, shows the result was really short, and one of the goals was offside so with a good VAR

it would be 1-1 and extra time.

“I think they could score more goals than they did, we could score more goals than we did. They had a period of dominance in the middle of the first half. If Real were superior when they scored, they were very superior.

“They were best between minutes 20 and 40 and then they scored through Casemiro. They scored when they deserved to score. That was when they were dominating, playing the ball best and creating more difficulties for us. But it was offside.”

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