Mourinho: Leicester story only possible in England

source: football365

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho feels the kind of fairytale Leicester produced in winning the Premier League could only happen in English football – and that elite clubs elsewhere in Europe are more than happy with that.

The Foxes, who face United in Sunday’s Community Shield match at Wembley, created shockwaves last season as they became top-flight champions for the first time in their history.

And Mourinho said on Friday ahead of the game:

“This is the only country where everybody wants this to happen, and it’s the only country where the football structures allow this to happen.

“In other countries the powerful clubs don’t want this to happen – they don’t want to share the money, the television rights.

“In the other countries they want to be comfortable and know that they are always the top clubs, in the Champions League. They want it to be a competition of two, three or four and, if possible, just a competition of one. This is a special country.

“Around Europe you have people who when you listen to them it looks like they are the Mother Teresa in football – but they aren’t.

“You go to many countries and clearly they are happy the way they are. It’s not just about them being powerful, it’s also going to the clubs that can be direct competition for them and every season steal the best players.

“They don’t want a league. In this country everyone wants a league and this allows an amazing story like the Leicester one, which brings even more credibility to the Premier League. It is why the Premier League is the Premier League.”

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