Jose Mourinho: Manchester United will always be a giant club

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho says that the Red Devils will always be a footballing giant.

The Portuguese manager argues that the lack of success in the recent years hasn’t tarnished the club’s reputation, but he hopes to help them rediscover their lost stature.

“Because Manchester United is a real giant, it doesn’t matter if the club is somewhat far away from that level for three, four, five or 10 years,” said Mourinho.

“It doesn’t matter – the club will always be a giant. But our job is to try to bring the football club back to that stature.

“That’s really difficult these days.

“Before, the giants were the powerful ones economically, and now there are small clubs in terms of prestige and history, who are giants economically. That changes absolutely everything.

“I want the team to be on a par with the club’s history, which is something I’ve been lucky enough to feel at every club – there was the same kind of feeling at Inter and at Real Madrid. We’re going to do that, step by step.”

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