Jose Mourinho reveals he wants more Manchester United signings made

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has confirmed he hopes to make two new signings before the Premier League transfer window shuts.

Mourinho has already secured goalkeeper Lee Grant, 19-year-old defender Diogo Dalot and midfielder Fred this summer but he admits he would ideally like to strengthen with two more additions.

He told ESPN: “One thing is what I would like, another thing is what is going to happen.

“[If you had any wish…?] I would get two more players.”

Asked about the decision to close the window early, Mourinho insisted he feels it is the right decision.

“On the one side it’s a fair perspective,” he said. “I think it’s correct that the market closes before the season starts.”

“I think it’s correct that a manager, that a club, that a team knows that these are the players that you have and you cannot buy more and doesn’t happen what I think is ridiculous.

“In August a player plays in one team and in September he plays against you again but with another club. It’s quite strange this situation so I think it’s fair but I think English clubs they must be ready to be attacked.

“It’s possible that from August 9 to the end of the market in all the other leagues – and we are talking about powerful leagues with some clubs strong enough to attack in the Premier League – will be a big risk.

“From the 9th you cannot buy but you can sell and clubs must be aware of that.”

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