Jose Mourinho: Yes! Manchester United can win the title

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho insists they can win the Premier League title this season.

Mourinho believes they’ll compete with six other teams for the championship.

He said today: “Yes, we can (win the title), Europa League is not Champions League, obviously it is more difficult to win the Champions League than the Europa League but also motivation is higher, also my hard work last season to motivate the Europa League with ambition and commitment and responsibility, my work was hard at that level.

“This season, in relation to the Champions League, it is not hard to motivate them against the top teams, I don’t need to work at that level, so the motivation is more than enough.

“And the Premier League is what you all know, I would say seven teams to fight for the title and 20 teams to fight every week for every match, different than any of the other leagues. I worked in three other leagues apart from the English one and every opponent gives you a hard time but we are involved in four competitions.”

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