Gary Neville: Why I feel bad for Alexis Sanchez

source: football365

Alexis Sanchez looks like “a shadow of the player” Manchester United signed from Arsenal, according to Gary Neville.

The Chilean has failed to find the net so far this season and has been struggling to produce performances anywhere near the levels of his time at the Emirates Stadium under Arsene Wenger.

And Neville admits the main feeling he has towards Sanchez’s situation is sadness as he expected a lot more from a good footballer.

Writing in his Class of ’92 Diary on Sky Sports, Neville said: “People keep asking me about this player and that player, I must have been asked about 10 different players at Manchester United – what’s going on with Anthony Martial, with Paul Pogba, Alexis Sanchez, Luke Shaw – the answer is I haven’t got a clue!

“I was at the game on Wednesday night against Valencia. I saw them huddle in the middle of the pitch – that’s the first time I’ve seen a Manchester United team do a huddle in the middle of the pitch before a game at Old Trafford so I was expecting to see an explosion after that – and I didn’t.

“Sanchez looks like a shadow of the player United signed, he looks like a shadow of the player Arsenal had. Alexis Sanchez has been a warrior of a player to watch over the last few years and you don’t become a bad player overnight.

“The idea that he now looks the way he does, more than anything I feel sad. When you see a player struggling like that it’s just sad, you know that player has been a great player over the last few years.

“He’s a fighter, he chases back, he’s a hurrier and a scurrier, he’s everything you want to see on a football pitch. I expected him to hit the ground running this season and I’ve just got no answer for it.

“The atmosphere against Valencia was linked to the game, it felt like a game of possession from box to box with no goals at either end. There was no real quality at either end from either team. It was a bit of a nothing game, both teams played decent football at times but not much happened in either box.

“I was in the ground, you can’t blame the fans, they were trying to have a go but it was a bit flat mainly because the game on the pitch was a bit flat – it’s a natural reaction to what we were watching.”

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