No clipboard! Mourinho spent full 90 on touchline for Man Utd debut

Jose Mourinho spent the full 90 of Manchester United’s friendly win at Wigan in his technical area.

The Sunday Mirror says dour Dutchman Louis van Gaal infuriated United supporters by staying glued to his seat, endlessly scribbling on his clipboard during his sterile two year stint in charge.

But after just ONE MINUTE of this comfortable pre-season cruise Mourinho had United’s 5,500 travelling contingent eating out his hand as they constantly chanted his name for showing the passion and connection with the players they’ve been crying out for.

Mourinho kicked every ball on the touchline – and United fans loved it.

“My reaction is that honestly I would prefer the fans to go with the players. I prefer them to go with the team, I prefer them to go with Man United” said Mourinho.

“They are the ones on the pitch and they are the ones that need support and if I could tell them that I would tell them directly: first the players. I am the last one after them.

“But it is nice to feel welcome and that they are behind the team. They were unbelievable. For the first time in my career to see that support in a friendly…. it was like a crucial Premier League match. Unbelievable.”

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