Michael Owen: LVG tactics are strangling United

Former Manchester United striker Michael Owen has claimed manager Louis van Gaal’s defensive minded tactics are strangling the performances of the club’s attacking players.

The Red Devils have managed to score just 24 goals in Premier League this season which is the lowest in the top six on the league table.

“Tactically, the players are virtually being strangled,” Owen said in an interview with talkSPORT.

“When you have two full-backs who hardly venture forward, two sitting midfield players who clearly don’t offer much going forward, then add on your two centre-halves and the goalkeeper, you are talking about seven players who are in there to be defensively-minded.

“That means you are asking four players to break down 11 opponents and it is virtually impossible. I’ve been there before and it is really hard.

“I’m sure someone like (Wayne) Rooney used to enjoy going out on the pitch thinking he could score two or three goals and get loads of touches.

“Now he’s probably thinking, ‘I hope I can nick a goal from the one chance I’m going to get and that we don’t get too much criticism’.”

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