Lukaku advised to join Manchester United or Bayern by father

source: vavel

Romelu Lukaku’s father has publicly advised his son to join one of two superclubs, Manchester United or Bayern Munich.

Lukaku has been one of Europe’s top strikers this season, scoring 25 goals for Everton in all competitions. The Belgian striker faced criticism at times in past seasons having moved to Everton for a huge £26.52million from Chelsea in 2014. Yet this season he has truly exploded, making the investment worthwhile.

His name has been constantly linked with a move to United this season, although there have been no concrete reports to suggest there is an incoming bid from either United or another top club.

 His combination of strength and technical ability, shown most prominently in his hold up play and finishing, has seen him likened to Didier Drogba.

His father told Het Laatste Nieuws that “he’s ready” for a move to a big club. His father has seen “that there is interest from Atletico Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Chelsea and Manchester United.”

Choosing to voice his advice publicly, it could be seen as an attempt to increase the rumours while he is on form. “I think he must choose Manchester United or Bayern Munich,” his father Roger said. 

“Manchester United is a team under construction with no real focus” so Lukaku could provide the centre-point for the rejuvenation of United.

Of course, “Bayern Munich is a machine where he can rotate well” but that could only happen “if Robert Lewandowski leaves.”

Lukaku has commented on his father’s comments, further increasing speculation and increasing the thought that he is looking for a big transfer.

The Belgian strike said “Maybe, yes. I [have] become 23 and would like to play in the Champions League.”

With Lukaku seemingly looking for a way out of Everton, despite new investment at the club, United should be chasing him. However, with the Reds looking unlikely to finish in the top four this season, Lukaku’s wish to play in Europe’s elite club competition will not come true if he joins them.

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