Smalling: I would watch Manchester United with away fans!

Manchester United defender Chris Smalling says he would be open to watching the team in amongst the fans if the opportunity presented itself.

Injured Red Devils stars Marcos Rojo, Michael Carrick and Phil Jones joined the United faithful in the away end at Anfield for Sunday’s clash with Liverpool and Smalling would love to experience something similar if he was to miss a match at any stage.

“I didn’t know that they were there. Ash [Young] said after the game that he saw them on TV,” he said in the wake of the 1-0 win.

“It’s good to see them with the fans and if you are going to choose one game to come to, it’s definitely here and to get that win, I think you can leave the stadium with your head held high.”

“Hopefully I will be playing all the time, but if the opportunity arises I would.”

“You have seen it in the past… a few players have gone to City’s ground as well so it’s something I would definitely consider.”

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