Tevez admits there was “no contract on the table” from United

source: vavel

Former Manchester United striker Carlos Tevez has stated in an interview with Spanish outlet Marca that at the end of his two year loan deal he was never offered a permanent contract, leaving him with no option but to sign for Manchester City.

Tevez claims that despite being told for more than a year, and with the supporters constantly singing, “Fergie, sign him up” that no offer was forthcoming.

Stating that even though Sir Alex Ferguson told him, “they will buy the rights for me to stay,” that by the time they reached the Champions League final in Rome, “no contract was on the table,” even though he, “had heard about it for a year.”

Before the end of the 2008 season Tevez agent Adrian Ruocco had said that, “there was no will,” from United to sign a permanent deal, and, “the directors and the coach” did not seem to want him, “while on the other hand fans love him.”

At this point he says that he did not have a choice in leaving the club – for whom his loan deal in the first place generated enough controversy that it led to the banning of co-ownership agreements in England – and that Manchester City were at the top of the list beating down his door.

Stating that, “I was free,” he then went to City where he claims that United only complained after the deal was done and dusted.

Despite Sir Alex Ferguson’s own words in trying to explain why his club never signed Carlitos to a permanent deal (including that he was selfish and had told the club he planned to retire early), Tevez stated he never had any problems with the manager.

“Nothing happened,” and it was, “a normal relationship.”

Tevez spent two seasons at Old Trafford between 2007 and 2009, scoring 19 goals in 63 league appearances. While at the club he won the Premier League twice, the Club World Cup and the 2008 UEFA Champions League.

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