The future of Serie A star in the balance as director speaks out

The long and drawn-out negotiations for a player who looks like he could be not only the most expensive in history but also the first to break the £100million transfer fee look set to continue. That almost seems expected with such huge amounts of money involved. In the season that he Premier League starts to flex it’s huge financial muscle due in part to astonishingly lucrative television rights it does seem almost inevitable that the mantle of ‘world’s most expensive player’ will move from Madrid to Manchester.

The 23-year-old Paul Pogba will not get you the goals of a Ronaldo or Messi but he is a phenomenally gifted creative midfielder and while people will wonder how a professional football player can be worth more than double the fee reportedly being paid for the Chinese takeover of Wolves, these fees have almost become normal for the best players in the world.

With United being the player’s first taste of senior football and having spent three years in the youth system after joining in 2009 from Le Havre you wouldn’t expect the player to have any issue settling in. The routine and area will of course be familiar and with the regime of a new manager about to dawn, now would be an ideal time to rejoin the Old Trafford club.

News on the transfer appears sketchy, with some reporting that the deal is done, whilst others, including the club’s director general, Giuseppe Marotta revealing to Sportitalia that there is no agreement.

“There is no contact with Manchester United for Pogba,” said Marotta.

“The situation is no different to when I spoke to you on Friday.”

French outlet L’Equipe have reported that a £100m bid has been accepted after Juventus honoured the players desire to leave.

You do almost feel that the transfer has gathered too much momentum with too much money involved for any of the players involved to be able to stop it even if they wanted to and The Daily Mail report that Pogba has a personal package that would earn him £220,000-a-week, making him the highest paid player in the Premier League. The agent involved also stands to make a tidy packet with The Guardian revealing that Raiola stands to make in the region of £18.4m due to his percentage clause, also a world record.

You get the sense that this deal cannot be ignored and is set to conclude soon.

Source: DSG

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