The ‘Manchester United way’ has not been there for years – Yorke

Former Manchester United star Dwight Yorke has slammed the club’s current style as ‘unacceptable’ to the United brand.

The Red Devils have been constantly criticised this season for their lacklustre performances under Louis van Gaal and the latest past player to speak out is ex-striker Yorke who feels the entertainment factor at Old Trafford is now lost.

“The Manchester United way has not been there for nearly two years now,” said Yorke.

“We understand there is a transitional period and we accept that. But what we don’t accept is where we are and the way we play. The type of football is just not acceptable.

“We’re in the entertainment business and there is a certain Manchester United way – a brand of football they have worked hard for – and we’re not seeing that. It’s not exciting and that has to change.”

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