Louis Van Gaal convinced United fans behind him

Louis van Gaal remains confident Manchester United’s fans are behind him.

During his pre-match press conference at the Aon Training Complex on New Year’s Eve, the manager was calm about his place in the eye of the media storm and praised the club’s fans for the way they have supported his team throughout the disappointment of recent results.

“I’m always doing my work,” he said. “You have to do what you have to do. “

“There are members of my staff who are coming to me and saying ‘boss, how can I help you more or in another way?'”

“I say ‘you are helping me by doing the things you have to do and as good as possible’. Then I am satisfied.

“I expect that also from my players, to do the same things. This is not my first club. It may be the last club, as I have said, but it is not the first club where I have had a bad period.”

“I had bad periods at all my clubs and I have to say the best fans are here at Manchester United because in such a difficult period they were applauding the performance of the players and that’s fantastic.”

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