Louis Van Gaal: Traffic issues reason for United fans early departure

Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal claims Manchester United fans may have left Saturday’s FA Cup tie against Sheffield United early because of traffic concerns.
Thousands of home supporters had gone before Wayne Rooney’s 93rd-minute penalty secured a 1-0 third-round win.

Asked why supporters had left early, Van Gaal said: “Maybe [because] we haven’t scored. Maybe the traffic.”

He added: “There are many reasons why someone might leave early.

“When I was looking at matches to analyse an opponent, I have done that also. I leave the stadium five minutes before.”

“You never know what the reason is. You can be very negative. But we are in the next round.”

He said: “We have won two matches in a row out of a bad period.

“You have to be happy as a Manchester United fan that we have won two matches in a row and we are in the next round.”

Van Gaal refused to respond to more criticism from former United midfielder Paul Scholes, who claimed the players looked “bored”.

The Dutchman snapped: “What do I have to do now? React to Paul Scholes? Do you want that?”

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