Louis Van Gaal: We must beat Liverpool for Manchester United fans

Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal wants victory at Anfield for the fans.

United meet Liverpool in the Europa League in the round of 16 tonight. 

Van Gaal said: “Several people are thinking they (Liverpool) are the enemy. I am not thinking like that. I am thinking they are opponents and we want to beat the opponent.

“For me it is I want to win every game and when I lose I am very disappointed. You can see that in my body language. It is very expressive. It is good United have beaten Liverpool so many times.

“It is also good for me because when I beat teams like Liverpool then the appreciation is higher and bigger from the fans, so I hope we shall beat them for the fifth time but more for the fans than myself. We prepare ourselves to beat the opponent.

“It is big that we have lost to West Brom but if we win against Liverpool I am not more happy than if we had won against West Brom.

“For the fans and the environment it is big, but for me we have to win every game. If we had won against West Brom I’d have been very pleased.”

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