Woodward insists Manchester United academy still the ‘heart of the club’

Manchester United’s executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward has made it clear that the club’s youth academy remains vitally important.

There are concerns that the Aon Training Complex at Carrington is failing to produce the quality and talent it has been so famous for in the past which is forcing the club to purchase expensive foreign players.

A conference call with investors on Thursday, after United had announced record revenue, saw Woodward explain that despite the increase of expenditure on outside players, the United academy remains a focal point for the nurturing and development of homegrown talent.

“The academy continues to be the heart of the club, giving youth a chance is part of our DNA,” said Woodward.

“Our key competitive advantages are still very strong; our unmatched track record of player development compared to any other team in England, and the runway we deliver of first-team opportunities to those players, again very different to some of our competitors.”

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