Yorke: The ‘young’ generation of Zidane, Enrique and Giggs are coming!

Manchester United legend Dwight Yorke has proclaimed that a new generation of football managers is emerging in the sport.

Yorke also believes that his former teammate Ryan Giggs should be given an opportunity to manage the Red Devils in the near future as talented former players continue to have a major impact in the management caper.

“I want to say this categorically. Giggs has been under the main man now for three years and you look at how football is changing,” he said in an interview with 888sport.

“In Spain’s top three all the managers are young ex-players. You have (Bayern Munich’s) Pep (Guardiola) who is coming over (to England), a young manager at 45.

“There’s (Mauricio) Pochettino at Spurs and (Real Madrid’s) Zinedine Zidane and (Barcelona’s) Luis Enrique in Spain and (Chelsea-bound) Antonio Conte in Italy and Gary Neville (at Valencia) is being given a chance.

“The old ones are fizzling out. The likes of Sam Allardyce may hang on in there for another year or two but the new generation are coming.”

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