Agroppi: Juventus MUST accept Pogba bid before Man Utd come to their senses!

Former Fiorentina coach Aldo Agroppi is shocked by the price Manchester United are willing to pay for Juventus star Paul Pogba.

United are expected to make a formal €120 million offer for the Frenchman this week

Agroppi told TMW: “Faced with such a proposal the Juventus executives are already planning to send Pogba to Manchester. Not only for the €120 million, but also because then there may be a risk that those who offer this amount are given a tablet to come to their senses!

“It’s shameful for football. Many years ago it was said that the presidents were the stupid rich. It’s been a long time since I played, but almost nothing has changed.

“Football is worse than the politics.”

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