Yorke: Pogba would get the best out of Rooney

source: teamtalk

Former Manchester United striker Dwight Yorke believes the arrival of Paul Pogba will give Wayne Rooney a new lease of life up front.

The 23-year-old midfielder, who posted a photo of himself signing a Manchester United shirt, looks set to complete his world-record move from Juventus early next week and Yorke reckons he will take away a lot of the pressure on the Red Devils captain.

“Hopefully, with the acquisition of Pogba coming into the team, he [Rooney] doesn’t have to worry about coming looking for the ball. The ball will finally come to him,” Yorke said.

“I can see why Mourinho said ‘listen, he’s going to be playing up top’, because that’s where Rooney is good. That’s a specialist position.

“When you play in that position all the time, your mindset is like that. He doesn’t have to go looking for the ball now. I think that’s part of Mourinho’s plan.”

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